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Throw George Bush around a bunch of crazy bubbles. This one's exactly like Bubble Girls, except with George Bush.
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Guide a little red spot through different levels.
mouse avoider 2
Drop bombs and explode the submarines.
submarines attack
Great sniper game make sure you don t get spotted!
full time killer
Go on a rampage with Doc Ock and destroy everything in sight.
doc ock rampage
Defend Zion against the incoming raid of the Sentinels in this remake of the Matrix Revolutions battle.
Zion Defense
Steal expensive cars and drop them at the warehouse in 60 seconds without getting caught!
gone in 60 seconds
Jump around as a toaster avoiding things on the street.
appliances run amuck
A Quake-type game where you shoot up Cuties - Head shots are worth more!
Cutie Quake
Take control as President Bush and defend the White House from terrorists! You can shoot everything! This game is awesome!
Bush Shootout
Kill Emo as many times as you can before your depression level gets too high! Who the Hell is Emo?
Emo Killer
A shoot 'em up game where you annihilate chickens infected with the bird flu running around in the streets. Take 'em out before you get infected!
Flu Birds
Kindergarten Killer. Funny flash game where you play as a disgruntled janitor wielding a shotgun. Kill the kids, it's as simple as that. Watch out, though, somehow they have guns too.
KG Killer
Anyone remember that arcade shoot 'em up game Area 51? Well, this is the same idea, but with a little different twist. Instead of shooting aliens, you shoot weird cybernetic celebrities!
Area 41
A fun shoot 'em up game where you simply shoot the bouncing turkeys. Nice graphics.
Tukey Shoot
All Time Arcade Favorites
The heroes Mario Link and Megaman are up against each other to test who is the greatest.
super smash x
Guide Daffy to a safe landing on the target on the ground. Please don't kill poor Daffy, the kids love him!
Daffy Jump
A pretty funny flash boxing game where you kick the crap out of celebrities. Watch out for Schwarzenegger's hooks, he's prett ...
Fight Club
This is yet another Mario game in which you race around collecting all the mushrooms you can withou
super mario mushrooms
Lord Of the Ring Battle fight.
lotr battle
A strange game where you have to guide the duck around onto the hearts to make them happy. Don t str
A kind of evil game where you try to slit your own wrists. Pretty funny. Avoid band-aids and gauze.
Slit Your Wrists
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